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Just Don’t Do Nothing

I did a thing last night…I launched my “7 things I learned this Week” program.  Of course, no one has seen it because the video is stuck in my husband’s phone.  Not like, it’ll never come out, just that it hasn’t yet.  You see, I’ve learned that it is better to be done than be perfect, so even though I have bigger plans for that video and program, I needed to start. So start I did. Our life is such that every day we learn something, and because I learn something daily, I should share that, but sharing is hard unless you have a platform.  I have a blog, that […]

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Build your Email List

Disclosure: This post includes links to affiliate companies where I may earn a commission if you purchase through the link.  This comes as no additional cost to you, but this author may be paid. Social media is awesome, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, great places to meet people, but it’s important to have them follow you off from the platform to your own.  If you’re providing value, they won’t have any problem doing that, but they have to know how. Consider how we meet people in real life. You meet someone at the park, a meeting, the coffee shop, through mutual friends – those are the real life social platforms we use. […]

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Inspired Writing

What inspires your writing? Is it a quote, a feeling, a story told? For me it is being in tune, a moment, whether it comes from travel or conversation, that inspires the first line. Without the first line, I can’t even begin. My lifestyle has a lot of movement in it. I’ve been couch surfing since September. We are modern day nomads, people who travel full time, staying with others where available, sometimes hotels, most days in our RV, but not for the last few months as it has been in the cabinet maker’s shop. I’ll be honest, I’m ready to be back in my own space. But the time […]

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Fiction: Recommended Authors

Each year my goal is to read 52 books. Since 2006, I have kept track of the titles, as I get to the end of the year, I’m usually working hard to make sure I complete my task. I almost always fall short, somewhere around the 39-42 mark is where I end, but a book a week is still the goal. This year I started to slack on writing them down and about midyear, I panicked. What had I read? How many have I read? I’m still trying to remember. I’m a big fan of great storytellers, in fiction, I only recommend authors who delight. I don’t much care what […]

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