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Don’t Get too Comfortable

Week 3 Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies…and how to use them Did you know that the post office does not let you file a change of address form with them if you are using a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) to receive your mail? The postal regulations state that the CMRA is solely responsible for forwarding your mail and must do so for six months and they have to apply new postage to it. What is a CMRA?  That’s your Postal Annex, UPS Store, etc.  anywhere that has boxes for rent that isn’t the post office. To sign up with one is easy, you rent a box and then use their […]

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The Universe has a Sense of Humor

Last week was practice, this week I’m serious.  I managed to get my FB Live done and talk about these topics, but let’s face it.  Sometimes, there is more to say.  Keep in mind, while these are the things I’m thinking about this week…I may not have learned them all just now, there’s a bunch of years of experience hidden in here. Beginner’s mindset. In April I proposed a speaking engagement for the Women in Automotive about How to keep a Beginner’s Mindset.  I didn’t get accepted to speak, but I learned a lot and think it is a valuable topic.  So, what is a Beginner’s Mindset, let’s couch it […]

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Just Don’t Do Nothing

I did a thing last night…I launched my “7 things I learned this Week” program.  Of course, no one has seen it because the video is stuck in my husband’s phone.  Not like, it’ll never come out, just that it hasn’t yet.  You see, I’ve learned that it is better to be done than be perfect, so even though I have bigger plans for that video and program, I needed to start. So start I did. Our life is such that every day we learn something, and because I learn something daily, I should share that, but sharing is hard unless you have a platform.  I have a blog, that […]

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Build your Email List

Disclosure: This post includes links to affiliate companies where I may earn a commission if you purchase through the link.  This comes as no additional cost to you, but this author may be paid. Social media is awesome, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, great places to meet people, but it’s important to have them follow you off from the platform to your own.  If you’re providing value, they won’t have any problem doing that, but they have to know how. Consider how we meet people in real life. You meet someone at the park, a meeting, the coffee shop, through mutual friends – those are the real life social platforms we use. […]

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