New Year, Be You!

New Year ResolutionIt’s the new year, new decade, and everyone is talking about resolutions, new goals and how they’re going to live in 2020.  New year, new you?  I would suggest that the old you is just fine, and January 1 isn’t the only day to set goals.  In fact, any day is good for setting goals.  It doesn’t matter what day of the week, what day of the month, or what day of the year.  If you’re ready for a change, it’s time to make it.

I’m the kind of girl who changes her food plan (what others would call a diet) on a Tuesday morning because I was ready to begin.  I started a twelve week reading program on a Saturday night because that’s when I had time to read.  I don’t need no stinkin’ Mondays to begin something new.  I don’t need January 1st and New Year’s Resolutions, and neither do you.

As adults we like to have company when we begin new things, we like firm deadlines, firm start dates.  But when we do that, we also set ourselves up for cheating before we begin.  Have you ever thought, I’m starting that on Monday, and then spent your weekend binge eating or spending, or whatever you were working on?  We set ourselves up to fail, we don’t take the right steps to get started because we really don’t expect we’re going to meet our goals anyway. Failure is already our mindset.

So here we are, January 1, you might be thinking about your weight, your health, your budget, your business.  I know I am, but that is what I’m thinking about daily, not just now.  That’s the key to meeting your goals, setting them constantly, revising them when necessary and working towards them always.  Even the days you aren’t interested, because we all have days like that.

So let’s pretend it’s not the new year and you’re ready to make a change.  Where do you start?  As a beginner to anything, I’d recommend some research.

  • Throw your best questions at Google and see what happens
  • Check Pinterest, it’s a great search engine
  • Find the experts and follow them on your favorite Social Media platforms
  • Read everything you can find on your subject
  • Verify your resources, make sure they have a solid reputation
  • Most importantly, evaluate all you’ve found and make decisions for yourself.

There are no two goals alike, no two people alike, be sure you are evaluating your knowledge based on your goals, your life.  That whole one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for goals any more than it works for sweaters.

So start 2020 where you are, think about changes you want to make to live your best life, then do your research.  Don’t start just because some magic day arrived, start when you’re ready.  It’s not New Year, New You, it’s New Year, Be You.


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