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How to use Advanced Search in Google to Find Exactly What you are Searching For

Blogging is hard enough without having to search through page after page of Google search results to find just the information you need. There are some tips and tricks to get you past the frustration of searching and not finding what you need. Our time available is our most precious asset, so we should speed up the process of finding exactly what we need when we need it.   We can take advantage of the features built into the Google Search bar, so you find what you are looking for quickly and save some of that precious time. Here’s how you begin: Start with filtering out what you don’t want. […]

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New Year, Be You!

It’s the new year, new decade, and everyone is talking about resolutions, new goals and how they’re going to live in 2020.  New year, new you?  I would suggest that the old you is just fine, and January 1 isn’t the only day to set goals.  In fact, any day is good for setting goals.  It doesn’t matter what day of the week, what day of the month, or what day of the year.  If you’re ready for a change, it’s time to make it. I’m the kind of girl who changes her food plan (what others would call a diet) on a Tuesday morning because I was ready to […]

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My Creativity is Weak

In the last 11 days, we’ve covered about 4000 miles, while that’s not an extraordinary feat in itself, we did it with 5 days in one location in the middle.  This is what we do…drive.  I’m ok with it, it is the choice we make when we set our schedule, but when we’re doing that in December, I rarely remember how hard it was last June. A numb butt = a numb mind. My creativity is weak right now, I’m pretty sure it’s all the driving.  It’s been tough to capture a thought and carry it through to fruition.  So…if you’re looking for pure inspiration this week, you might have […]

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What’s your endgame?

After last week’s Facebook Live we got together with some friends who had watched and Clint asked me “What’s your endgame?”   Well there’s a good question isn’t it.  Without thinking about it, I threw some bs story back at him, and then I took some time and thought about it.  What is my endgame?  Why do I share things that we learn each week with y’all? Here’s my answer:  When I was younger  I saw myself on a path, married, kids, career, white picket fence, it all tied together, and it was an awesome life, I don’t want anyone who was a part of that to think that I didn’t […]

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